Data integration for health

Arkhn simplifies access to healthcare data for common good.
It helps medical teams to provide better healthcare and fosters innovation.

Our Project

Arkhn allows hospitals to make the most of their data using the open standard FHIR.
It builds unified and secure databases located in the hospital.

Cost reduction

Standardised databases allow hospitals to quickly deal with developpers capable of building new, specialised micro-services. It fosters competition as well as the emergence of cheaper solutions.

Modularity and Interoperability

Our structure frees hospitals : it is now simple to add or replace functionnalities. All services can run independantly from one another.

Time saving

Standardisation is the first step towards using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is then possible to speed up or automate a great load of tasks from medical and administrative teams, saving them some valuable time.


Most of the current solutions are not GDPR compliant. In particular, they do not support systematic deletion or exporting of personal data. Our integration system unifies databases and implements such necessary operations.

Security and Sharing

Our architecture allows to securely share data with other medical teams. Patients can have their data available in different hospitals, which allows to provide better and more efficient treatment.


Since our solution is deployed inside the hospital, they can choose freely what use is made of the data and who can access it.

Our Technology

Arkhn standardises pre-existing database. In clear, we format information coming from various databases into our database. We then give secure access to this data within the hospital through our API1. This allows to develop semi-connectors2 openly ans collectively, enabling to share standard and unified data between applications. Our API moreover handles connection and authentification to the database.
In particular, our solution enables :

New tools to access integrated data in a secure way

Sharing information between medical teams - and hospitals - in a simple and secure way

Training statistical models to improve healthcare


1Application Programming Interface : here used to indicate a set of secure methods used to query and handle integrated data (for instance, search patients by name).
2Semi-connector : a piece of software which allows to import and export data from a given database

Our team

  • LSCP - ENS Ulm
    Word segmentation for speech
  • Palantir
    Big data integration
  • Wayatrip
    Search engine development
  • See more

Alexis Thual

Machine Learning NLP Web Development

École polytechnique

École Normale Supérieure

  • Défenseur des Droits
    General Secretariat
  • L'Oréal
    Strategy Analysis
  • Sebastiani Law Firm
    Fiscal Law
  • See more

Charlotte Lang

Project Management Public Law Political Science

Sciences Po Paris


  • OpenMined
    Secure Machine Learning
  • Polyconseil
    Large-scale data processing
  • Ministry of Defence
    Big data interfaces
  • See more

Théo Ryffel

Deep Learning Data Analyst Privacy in Big Data NLP

École polytechnique

Imperial College London

  • 1000mercis
    Large-scale data analysis
  • Cambridge
    Bandits in Reinforcement Learning
  • CNRS
    Mathematical modelling
  • See more

Emeric Lemaire

Machine Learning Statistics Deep Learning

Ecole Centrale Paris

Cambridge University

  • CHU Poitiers
    Medical residency
  • Research internship
    Healthcare data management
    Open source development
  • See more

Adrien Cantérot

Pneumology Medical informatics Web Development

Université Victor Segalen (Bordeaux II)

CHU Poitiers

  • ENS Ulm
    PhD in Physic
  • UBC
    Algorithme to detect resonances
  • Winner of the International Physicist Tournament
    Modelling concrete problems
  • See more

Corneliu Malciu

Statistical Physic Research Computer modelling



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